Will your children be able to give your grandchildren the education that you gave them?

by JD Miller on June 9, 2011

JD Miller CPA
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This question addresses the 3rd of the 5 Great Goals of Life.

Like so many people your age, you probably helped your children pay for their college education expenses to give them a jump start in their lives.

Perhaps you paid for all of their college education expenses.

I could have asked this question differently.

I could have asked:

“Would you like to be involved in the education of your grandchildren?”

That’s the same question in a different format, but it doesn’t have the same force to it, does it.

The optimists will answer this question “I don’t know”.

The pessimists will answer this “Probably not.”

Everyone else will answer this “No way!”

If your answer is “No way” or “I don’t know”, then that would leave you and me to see to it that your grandchildren receive the same education that you gave to your children.

You’re probably thinking that you didn’t work this hard to give you children a jump start in their lives, only to leave their children, your grandchildren, with huge student loan balances when they graduate.

If we don’t see to it that this is done, it just might not get done.

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