What Are The 5 Great Goals of Life?

by JD Miller on May 27, 2011

JD Miller CPA
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Do you dream about a wonderful, fulfilled, adventurous life? That’s the life you could live with a financial plan designed for you to enjoy the 5 Great Goals of Life.

What Are The 5 Great Goals of Life?

You’ll discover these goals one at a time in my next 5 posts. Each post will start with a question. Each question will include one of The 5 Great Goals of Life.

These are the five most important questions any financial advisor could ever ask you. Your answers to these questions will provide you with a focus for developing and managing your lifetime financial strategy, the financial strategy that ensures you the income you want to enjoy spending in your retirement years.

Before you start reading these posts, you will want a copy of your Federal income tax return for last year in front of you.

You will also want a pencil and a piece of paper to take notes and to write down your questions as they come up. I guarantee you’ll want to take notes. I guarantee you’ll be writing down questions to ask me.

==>Click here to ask your questions.

If you were sitting here in front of me, these are the questions I would ask you.

These questions are related to one another. After you hear them all, you’ll be able to arrange them in the order of importance to you. Once you have them in the order of importance to you, you’ll know the ones that are most important to you right now, the ones that you must act on now!

Your questions and the answers to your questions will help you decide if you want me to help you.

If I do my job right, if I ask these questions in the right way, you will know your real hopes and dreams in life.

These goals could represent your most primal emotional/financial needs. These goals speak to the deepest yearnings of many Americans for their own financial well-being and for that of the people (and institutions) they love.

Once you have answered all five questions, email me at trustedadvisor@covad.net. We’ll discuss your next step.

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