Are you where you want to be?

We believe that everyone can create and enjoy the life they want to live.

What this means is that you would have more time and money to spend doing what’s important to you, more time and money to spend with your family and others, more time and money to be involved doing things that change your world. Your values and your talents are tools that you use to create this amazing life. Your money is another tool.

Is this right for you?

Suppose you knew what you must do so that you could live your life on your terms starting today. Would you do those things?

Not everyone would, maybe not even you.

We can’t help everyone. We accept only six new clients each year. We make a lifetime commitment to each of our clients.

How do we do this?

We help you create the life you want to live by:

  • asking you to make a $250 contribution to a charity or a cause you care about before our first meeting. We don’t ask you to prove that you made your contribution.  We trust you.  This is a trust relationship;
  • looking at the big picture as you see it;
  • understanding what living life as you want to feels like and means to you;
  • identifying the opportunities that you could take advantage of to make it easier for you to create the life you want to live;
  • identifying the obstacles that you fear and that stop you from living that life;
  • working with you to implement a strategy to live as you want to by taking advantage of your opportunities and by removing the obstacles that stop you from living the life you want to enjoy;
  • working with you for free to create the strategy that we believe will work for you, implementing that strategy for you and letting you live with your strategy for at least 90 days before we send you our first invoice.  You could pay us nothing for more than six months.  You will pay us only after you feel that what you are doing will give you what you want;
  • protecting the life you have created by providing support for your lifetime so that you can continue enjoying that lifestyle; and,
  • giving you an unconditional money-back guarantee.

What You Could Do

What are the opportunities you could use to your advantage and the obstacles that instill fear in you?

Are you taking advantage of these opportunities?

Do you enjoy the lifestyle today that you want to continue enjoying once you decide to quit working?

Will your income support this lifestyle for as long as you continue working?

Are you investing enough of your income now, while you are working?

When you choose to quit working, could you continue to enjoy your current lifestyle for the rest of your life?

Do you have a written plan that would triple your income during the years after you choose to quit working.

Are these obstacles that you fear?

Do you have a strategy to lower the taxes you pay while investing more so that you never have to lower your lifestyle?

Do you have a strategy to get out of debt and still be able to invest enough so that you won’t have to lower your lifestyle when you choose to quit working? Getting out of debt first is the strategy that will make you poorer.

Will your investment strategy support your current lifestyle once your choose to stop working?


Who Am I?

For more than thirty-five years, I’ve been living my life on my terms, discovering what is important to me and using my time to do those important things. Because I’m doing it, I know that you could do it, too.

You might also like to know that I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with an MBA in Tax. I was one of the first 300 CPAs to be recognized as a PFS, a Personal Financial Specialist. And I was a banker for ten years. All this just gives me the education, experience and tools to take better care of my clients. You could be one of them.

I’m happily married, with four amazing grandkids and many more nieces and nephews and grand nieces and grand nephews.

My hobbies include wine making and running.

For more than twenty years, I’ve been part of an amazing team that makes award winning California red wines.

More than 16 years ago, I discovered a love of running. I run a half marathon at least once a month.

My wife and I have been involved in making our Community better for most of our lives.

My point is that I have the time to do the things that I want to do while continuing to enjoy the lifestyle my wife, Teena, and I want to live.

And you could, too.

So …,

Are you living the lifestyle you want to enjoy today?

Do you have a strategy to continue enjoying that lifestyle for the rest of your life, even when you choose to quit working?

Does your strategy include paying taxes only when you choose to pay them so you have more money to enjoy the lifestyle you want with more time and money to do what’s important to you, more time and money to spend with your family and others, more time and money to be involved doing things that change your world?

Please call 707-642-8987 to get started. We look forward to talking with you.